Sunday, 8 February 2015


In my last entry I gave you some ways of creating opportunities to laugh and one of them, maybe the simplest and the most immediate, was your pet :) Seriously, look at him and tell me that you don’t feel happier now :) If you don’t, it probably means that it has eaten your shoe or has peed on your favorite carpet. But even then, it’s almost impossible not to laugh, because after the anger it always comes the mirth and some kind of pity, when you tries to stay serious and then you see the guilty snout of your dog...


 I have got a 6 years old Border Terrier named Tajga which is one of the greatest joys in my life :) In this small body there is a lot of energy that can uplift me even on the most irritating and depressing day. I may come back home after a whole day out, but as I see that wagging tail, I forget about all the problems. In those four paws there is also a great potential; that's why my sister trains with her some dog sports like agility or dogfrisbee. Here you've got a short video that recapitulates their hard work:

To see more you can follow the link of my sister's blog: .

        Yes, having a pet at home is a wonderful thing. Obviously, you don't have to "spend" large sum of money to get an adorable pet; you can adopt it. There are so many abandoned dogs in dog kennels that are looking for its new owners. 
Last year, my boyfriend adopted a puppy from the "Azorek" dog kennel and from that day on Nala brings us so much joy every day :) And when we look at her, our smiles are even wider, because we are conscious that, in some way, we saved her life :)

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