Wednesday, 3 December 2014


 How to keep calm, not to worry and enjoy every single day? That’s the question you’ve probably asked yourself at least once in your life. I’ve done it too. And I’ve found an answer – certainly not the only possible one, but one which satisfies my expectations so far. And the answer is: sports. But it’s not only my personal opinion. As they say: “A sound mind in a sound body”. It’s proved that a regular and, especially, intensive and long-lasting activity causes the production of endorphins, which are the “happy hormones”.

I’ve never practiced any sport professionally, but I’ve done some in more recreational way. Recently I’ve discovered my new “making happier” discipline which is yoga and I’d like to recommend it you heartily. 

Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. It's assumed that the ultimate aim of yoga practicing is self-development and self-realization. There are many different types of yoga depending on what kind of activity do you prefer; on this web page you can find some short but exhaustive descriptions of each one of them. I choose the Ashtanga yoga, which is the most physically demanding one, because despite of provide a calm mind, it guarantees a light and strong body even after several classes.

I joined up for yoga classes at the Artur Szudra Poznań Yoga Studio one month ago and after this time, the first thing I can say is that it’s more complicated than I thought. And not because of those “twisted” poses that can seem terribly demotivating; it’s because you have to focus on doing many things at the same time.

 Above all, you have to breath. Is it difficult? - you may ask. Well yes, it is. The thing is that it’s not a normal breathing – it’s Ujjay Pranayama (or Victorious Breath) which is deeper and louder and links the physical with energetic universe. Moreover, you have to remember to keep pulling the abdominal muscles in and up into the abdominal cavity (Uddiyana Bandha) and contracting the anal muscles (Mula Bandha) in any pose you make. And finally, you can’t forget to do every pose correctly and accurately.

Okay, whatever these things are, it is really difficult to keep them doing simultaneously. That’s why currently my yoga classes looks more or less like this…

Although I still don’t experience that deep feeling of peace of mind which yoga should provide me (because of that confusing task of synchronization), I really enjoy making the effort to achieve that basic aim one day. What’s more, I feel that both me and my body are getting more and more vigorous and resilient to our environment.

And now, just to convince you that yoga practice can be a great "hakunamatating" discipline, I want you to take a look at this graphics of yoga benefits  :)