Saturday, 15 November 2014


HAKUNA MATATA – it means no worries for the rest of your days. 

Surely everyone is dreaming of it: of having a stress-free and prosperous life without any health problems, where everybody appreciates you and nobody judges you, where all the dreams come true, where you feel loved and where there’s no place for disappointment or sadness. But is it really possible to lead this ideal life in these busy times? People try many things and tricks; some of them travel all over the world, others stay at home to not to attract the problems, others do parachuting or use the specialists’ advices. Everyone has their own way. But what matters most is a positive and optimistic attitude to ourselves and to our life.

In my life there’re still many worries, but they won’t appear on my blog. I’d like to treat this blog as my “making happier” therapy which will break my habit of complaining about everything. I’ll  write about anything that makes (or could make) me happy and I’ll share with you any kind of positive thoughts or ideas. Perhaps it will motivate you to start your own “No Worries Challenge”, who knows ;)           

So let the therapy begin! Go, try, be happy and make our lives “hakunamatated”! :)

Okay, I need to make one correction, cause I've lied you. There will appear one worry on my blog: my English correctness :) I'm not an English native speaker and, what's more, I haven't use this language for three years, but I think that running a blog is a very useful way to improve one's language skills. So I'll try to do my best and, like the former Prime Minister of my country said, "I will polish my English" :) Certainly, you can help me and correct me by writing comments ;)

Okay, no worries from now on!  :)